Summer Pets for You

Jul 27, 2021

From 27/7 to 3/8 , the Summer Pet Bundle is waiting for you in the Crown Shop – get the Beastmaster Set, the MaCaw, the Earth Walker, the Nodori Winged Ram and the Yellow Cactus Hopper. And because so many new pets means you’ll be needing a ton of kibble, we’re also selling the Mega-Snack Pack and Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provisions. It’s the perfect offer for all lovers of their four-legged, feathered or horned companions!

Santa’s Got His Shorts On!

Jul 20, 2021

Are you asking yourself why it smells so festively of gingerbread and cinnamon? That’s right, from 20/7 until 27/7 we’ll be celebrating Summer Christmas again. Isn’t it all a little odd? Check it out for yourself and join the fun!

Plus, you can also find the Summer Safari Pet Bundle with the Beastmaster Set, The Giraffe, the Panther, the Zebra Piggle and more in the Crown Shop.


Jul 19, 2021

The Wizard101 servers will be shut down on 20/07/2021 from 6:00 for a few hours for maintenance purposes. The game will not be available for play during this time. You can view the latest news at any time on our Facebook page. You can also get more information in the forums too. We apologise for the wait and thank you for your patience!

New Magical Content

Jul 15, 2021

The update is finally here! You can look forward to brand new customization options, Magic Mirror functions, fresh events and a new overview in the Crown Shop where you can learn about the main story, quests and news. You can also expect many improvements to game mechanics in PvP chat, with the Shadow Pips and more!

Everything in Balance

Jul 13, 2021

The Balance School is celebrating its big school fête from 13th July until 20th July – to mark the occasion, numerous items from your favourite school are 30% off, and Balance Deckathalon Bundles are available in the Crown Shop! Pack your bags for a beach holiday by getting the Tropical Buddies Bundle, which contains the majestic Manta Ray (Permanent) and the mystical pet Tiki Kahuna among other things.

An Enchanting Exterior

Jul 12, 2021

A new update is ready to go: a revamped Magic Mirror awaits you which shows a young wizard’s looks from their good side– access brand new customization options and functions! Because a wizard not only puts thought into their magical abilities but also into their appearance. But that’s not all: the update has a number of innovations in store!

Let’s Hit the Beach!

Jul 6, 2021

From 6th July (10 AM) until 13th July (10 AM) you’ll find the Tiki Waverider Bundle waiting for you in the Crown Shop – get the Mega-Snack Pack and the Tiki Waverider (Permanent) and take to the waves! You wizard friends will watch with awe while you pull off tricks. Keep your eyes peeled for more spectacular bundles in the Crown Shop – it’s worth it!

The Spiral Showcase

Jul 2, 2021

Our special event “Spiral Showcase” will take place from 29/06 to 12/07 – Earn bonus points by participating in special activities all over the Spiral – like Crafting, Daily Quests, Pet Games, Fishing and helping out in the Team-Up Kiosk. Fill the progress bar to win great prizes including Reagents from the Mega Reagents Pack, Jewels from Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack and Mega Snacks for your loyal companion!

Pack-a-Palooza in Full Flush

Jun 29, 2021

Attention wizards: our big Pack-a-Palooza will be taking place in the Crown Shop from 29/06 to 06/07. There will be many bundles and some packs on sale. So visit the Crown Shop, browse to your heart’s content and pick up your favourite set!

5 B.O.X.E.S. and a Ray

Jun 22, 2021

The Professor has sensed five manipulations of the flow of time and needs your help! Depending on your magic level you can jump to help in various emergencies from 22/6 to 29/6. Look forward to some exciting quests and valuable rewards waiting for you in Wizard City, Marleybone, MuHong, Zafaria and Avalon. Plus we have some hot offers available: pick up the Manta Ray Bundle and loads of summer items for your wizardly home!