Nov 30, 2021

The Wizard101 servers will be shut down on 01/12/2021 from 9:00 for a few hours for maintenance purposes. The game will not be available for play during this time. You can view the latest news at any time on our Facebook page. You can also get more information in the forums too. We apologise for the wait and thank you for your patience!

Furniture and More!

Nov 30, 2021

Start December with fabulous offers: Hoard Packs are 50% off and Starter Bundles for every wizardry school are 30% off from 30/11 until 3/12. From 3/12 until 7/12 you can also save a heap of Crowns when purchasing booster packs as there’s a 40% discount. Many great furnishings will also be returning to the Crown Shop – get summer, spring, autumn or winter furniture and arrange your wizardly home to your heart’s content!

The Clothes Make the Wizard

Nov 23, 2021

What this centuries-old saying from Wizard City is trying to tell you is: if you clothes don’t make you feel like a real wizard, then it’s time for a makeover! Luckily, we have just the thing for you – from 23/11 to 26/11, all Clothing Bundles are 40% off. All elixirs are also on sale – in case you want to intensify your magical experience!

Do you hear it?

Nov 16, 2021

The ground in Wizard City is quaking. You can hear the rumbling coming from far away! It is gigantic, has thick skin, is prehistoric and your new cuddly friend – the Wooly Rhino will carry you and another wizard on its strong back to anywhere you want to go – It will be waiting for you in the Crown Shop from 16/11 until 23/11. Until 19/11, you can also benefit from a 40% discount on all Snack Packs. From then until 23/11 all card packs are also 40% cheaper!

There’s a Storm Brewing

Nov 9, 2021

Batten down the hatches, cause from 9th November until 16th November the Storm School is celebrating its stormy school fêteMany Storm pets and numerous equipment items are 30% off! To go with them, Storm Deckathalon packs are also back in the Crown Shop waiting for you. Until 12/11 you also have another chance at getting your own Bone Dragon, and Elixirs are 40% cheaper. When purchasing decks, you’ll also save with a 40% discount and can rise like a whirlwind in the Spiral!

The Spiral Showcase

Nov 2, 2021

Our special event “Spiral Showcase” is active until 09/11 – Earn bonus points by participating in special activities all over the Spiral – like Crafting, Daily Quests, Pet Games, Fishing and helping out in the Team-Up Kiosk. Fill the progress bar to win great prizes including Reagents from the Mega Reagents Pack, Jewels from Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack and Mega Snacks for your loyal companion!

Even more spooky fun!

Oct 26, 2021

Our boo-tiful Halloween Party is going into the next round. From 26/10 to 2/11, you can expect many different scary items in the Crown Shop. Until 29/10 you also receive 30% off all Starter Bundles, permanent mounts and Snack Packs. After that, you save 30% when purchasing clothing sets and a terrific 50% off on Crowns and decks!

Halloween at Wizard101

Oct 19, 2021

From 19/10 to 26/10, ghoulishly grandiose offers await you in the Crown Shop – get a heap of Halloween items – from pets to costumes, mounts and decks – we have everything you need for a spooky scary party!

Until 22/10 you also have another chance at getting your own Bone Dragon – one of the scariest mounts in all the Spiral. After that, all elixirs are 40% off!

Stay tuned because the coming week the spooky fun goes into the next round with more offers.

Death Suits You!

Oct 12, 2021

The Death School is celebrating its school fête from 12th to 19th October – many death items are 30% off and Death Deckathalon packs are back in the Crown Shop! Until 15th October, there will also be generous discounts on Starter Bundles, all pets, Snack Packs and some decks. After that until the end of the school fête, all weapons, hairstyles and clothing bundles will be heavily discounted. So dig in – it will be a party you won’t soon forget!

Spooktacular Offers

Oct 5, 2021

Thing will get creepy in Wizard101 starting on 5/10 – the Crown Shop is offering the exceptionally eerie

Nightmare Bundle! It includes the Nightmare mount (Permanent) and a Mega-Snack Pack. Until 8/10, you’ll receive a 30% discount on Gold and 45% off on all Spellemental packs, plus there’s a 30% discount on all permanent mounts until 12/10.

From 8/10 until 12/10 you also have another chance at getting your own Bone Dragon – the perfect treat for yourself right before Halloween!