Ice magic!

Jan 12, 2021

The Ice School is celebrating their big school fête from 12/01 to 19/01 – join in on the fun! You can find out all about which events we have in store for you in the Wizard101 forum.

The Spiral Showcase

Dec 22, 2020

Our special event “Spiral Showcase” will take place from 22/12 to 29/12 – Earn bonus points by participating in special activities all over the Spiral – like Crafting, Daily Quests, Pet Games, Fishing and helping out in the Team-Up Kiosk. Fill the progress bar to win great prizes including Reagents from the Mega Reagents Pack, Jewels from Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack and Mega Snacks for your loyal companion!

Going Underground

Dec 15, 2020

The refurbishment of Wizard City has had some unexpected consequences, and now there’s some seriously deep trouble brewing underground. What secrets lie buried beneath Wizard City? Get your investigating cap on and discover an ingenious story plus plenty of new features – including Spellwrighting, which allows you to tweak and improve your spells. What are you waiting for? Get your head underground, Wizard!


Dec 14, 2020

The Wizard101 servers will be shut down on 15/12/2020 from 7:00 for a few hours for maintenance purposes. The game will not be available for play during this time. You can view the latest news at any time on our Facebook page. You can also get more information in the forums too. We apologise for the wait and thank you for your patience!

Notes from the Underground

Dec 11, 2020

Have you ever wondered what Wizard City is built on? Our next update will lead you on a true voyage of discovery! Explore the underground with a new story packed full of exciting quests, PvP game improvements, Castle Magic update and a Deckathlon expansion. And that’s far from everything – there’s plenty more to discover!

Magical Christmas in Wizard City

Dec 1, 2020

There’s no time for quiet reflection in Spiral – things are really kicking off this December! Look forward to the challenge within the Krampus dungeon!

Felix Navidad is back in the Shopping District and has got plenty of glorious gifts for you in his bag! There’s more besides to keep this Christmas exciting: Get a code from our Facebook page soon which you can redeem for some fantastic things!

Snug Autumn

Nov 24, 2020

torrenceThe shorter the days, the more cosy it’s getting in Wizard City: from the24th November to 1st December, Harvest Hannah will be in the Shopping District with a range of autumnal wands and fine attire.

Furniture Frenzy!

Nov 20, 2020

If you want to really get to know a Wizard, visit them at home! And as we know how important a comfortable abode can be, we’re discounting all furniture sets in the Crown Shop between 17/11 and 24/11! Fill those empty rooms with extravagant furnishings, or give your garden a makeover. Send us snapshots of your wizard home and we’ll post your picture on Instagram and our Facebook page.
Join the fun and show the community how classy, flashy or plain eccentric you are!

Member Advantages

Nov 17, 2020

As a member of the Wizard Club, you get access to all areas of the game and enjoy certain advantages. Between 17/11 and 24/11 you can also take advantage of the following benefits:

• Free second chance chests in dungeons

Not a member yet? Then join the Wizard Club today to take advantage of these great benefits. Have a magical time on your journey through the world of Wizard101!

There’s a storm brewing

Nov 10, 2020

balestromBatten down the hatches, cause the Storm School is celebrating its school fête from 10th to 17th November! There’s also plenty of Storm pets and numerous equipment items on offer in the shop.