Fansite Guidelines

We are always looking for new, creative Wizard101 fansites and blogs. Wiz-ify your site with our fansite kit.

If your site is unique and provides our community with a viewpoint, a service or something else that is currently not covered, or not covered in depth, by other sites, you'll have the chance to be listed on our Official Fansite List. Then nothing will stand in the way of your future fame and fortune. (Fame and fortune not guaranteed.)

Below you'll find the guidelines that Gameforge requires for you to be considered for inclusion in the Official Fansite List:

  • It is important that your site mainly contain content about Wizard101.
  • Your site needs to be updated at least once a week.
  • Your site cannot contain content or links to content that violate the Wizard101 UK Terms and Conditions.
  • Fansite owners under the age of 18 must have obtained explicit permission from their parent or guardian.
  • Facebook fan pages and fansite forums will not be considered for inclusion.