Game money

Your child receives Gold from solving tasks and selling items. This in turn enables them to buy other items. Special items and special services cost Crowns. Crowns are the playing money in Wizard101 and are worth cash. You can buy them from us. The more Crowns you buy, the cheaper the "currency rate" becomes. With a Crown balance your child can decide themselves what they would like to buy - and therefore learn how to handle money in the game.

What can my child buy with their Crown money?

1. Play areas

With Crowns your child can activate access to the play areas that are subject to a fee:

Wizard City - 3750 Crowns

Golem CourtFree!
The CommonsFree!
Shopping DistrictFree!
Pet PavilionFree!
Unicorn WayFree!
Triton AvenueFree!
Haunted CaveFree!
Cyclops Lane750
Firecat Alley750
Colossus Boulevard750
Sunken City750
Crab AlleyThree zones for 750
Deep Warrens
Wailing Caverns

2. Items in the Crown Shop

There is a shop in the game, called the Crown Shop. Your child can shop with Crowns here and buy, for example, mounts or equipment. These items are not necessary, but simply increase playing fun!

Gardening and crafting are game elements that offer small challenges, if players want a little variety between their adventures.