Game Etiquette

What you should do:

  • Help other people when they are in trouble or if they ask for assistance.
  • Ask your friends if you can join them before you teleport to them in the game.
  • When adventuring in a group, you are part of a team. So select the right cards to suit your character, keep your potion bottles filled up and cheer on your fellow wizards!
  • Use the ignore feature. If someone says something to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, click on their name and choose 'ignore'.

What you shouldn't do:

  • Don't SHOUT AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! People can see what you are saying without using all capital letters.
  • Don't look for ways to break the game's rules. If you see someone doing so, report them.
  • The chat filters are in place for a reason and if you have to get creative to say something, then you shouldn't be saying it at all.
  • Don't ruin the game for others by being a bully. Not only is it a mean thing to do, but it will get you banned!
  • Don't forget the Golden Rule - always treat others like you would like to be treated!

Safety note

Always keep your personal data private! That means:

  • Never tell anyone your account information.
  • Never tell anyone your password.
  • Never tell anyone your real name.
  • Never tell anyone your age.
  • Never tell anyone your location.
  • Never tell anyone your email address.
  • Never tell anyone your phone number.


  • Your Wizard101 account could get hacked and deleted forever.
  • Your Wizard101 characters could be deleted forever.
  • You could be permanently banned from ever playing Wizard101 again.
  • Strangers could find you in real life without you inviting them around.