Parent account

Why do I need a parent account?

Creating a parent account is a good opportunity for determining your personal playing rules for Wizard101 with your child. Furthermore, a separate login prevents your child from having access to important data such as payment information.

We recommend setting up a parent account!

What kind of advantages does a parent account give me?

Joint playing rules

Determine your personal playing rules for Wizard101 with your child:

  • Is free chatting allowed?
  • Can your child buy Crowns?

Data protection

With a special login you prevent your child from having access to payment information and personal data.

Transparency for everyone

You can track what has been bought with your account and the account/accounts of your child/children.

How do I create a parent account?

You already have a normal account for Wizard101? Then please log in on the website first. If you don't, you can log in on your child's account. From there you can create your own account.
Now simply click on "parent account" in account management and follow the instructions.
Important: do not use your child's password for the parent account!
As soon you have set up the parent account, the link (menu item) "parent account" in the account management will directly lead you to the child account management. You can add another child here too.
Any more questions about the parent account? Then please contact our Support!