Jan 18, 2022

The Wizard101 servers will be shut down on 19/01 from 9:00 for a few hours for maintenance purposes. The game will not be available for play during this time. You can view the latest news at any time on our Facebook page. You can also get more information in the forums too. We apologise for the wait and thank you for your patience!

A Bone-fied Great Offer!

Jan 18, 2022

Look alive, Wizards! Between 18th and 21st January, you’ll once again find the spectacular Bone Dragon in the Crown Shop! You can also enjoy a massive 40% saving on elixirs and handy decks – don’t miss out!

The Beastmoon Hunt Is On!

Jan 11, 2022

Are you ready to join the Beastmoon hunt?
Visit Artemis at the Arena and become a legend!
This Beastmoon Event is running from 11.01 until 18.01.
Pick your beast and join a group of wizards to capture Battle Rings, enter the Beastmoon Hall and choose your statue. Fill your cards talking to Actaeon and enter the Hunting Grounds!
The more Rings your team holds, the more points they earn!

New Year’s Offers

Jan 4, 2022

Wizard, we hope you’ll put a stop to at least as many scheming baddies’ plots as last year. Because the Spiral will still need you in 2022. To ensure your success, we’re starting off the new year with exciting offers: from 4th to 7th January, all Clothing Bundles are 40% off – from 7th to 11th January there’s a 30% discount on Royal Attire. During the offer period, various decks  will also be between 40% and 50% off, so grab yours!

New Year’s Offers

Dec 28, 2021

We have amazing deals to offer you in the Crown Shop for the New Years: from 28th until 31st December, all elixirs are 60% cheaper. From 31st December until 4th January, you also save 50% when purchasing permanent mounts, Snack Packs and Starter Bundles so your wizard can have a leg up in the New Year!

The Perfect Wizard

Dec 21, 2021

The numerous Christmas offers in the Crown Shop aren’t enough? You want to adorn your wizard from head to toe in new armour but save big? No problem – plenty of clothing bundles, hairstyles and weapons are a whole 50% off from 21st December till 24th December! You’ll find everything you need for your perfect wizarding setup. Additionally, the Level 50 Elixir and Additional Character Slot each only cost 1 Crown. From 24th December until 28th December, the Bone Dragon is available again in the Crown Shop at a low price.

Yuletide Offers

Dec 14, 2021

The anticipation for the festival in Wizard City is growing! All the wizards are expecting to save big on our pre-Christmas offers – you can look forward to an incredible multitude of magical items in the Crown Shop, and from 14/12 until 17/12, all permanent mounts are 30% off. The Bone Dragon is also available again in the Crown Shop for a limited time. From 17/12 till 21/12 there is a hefty 60% discount on all decks , Snack Packs, Starter Bundles and pets!

Throttle It!

Dec 7, 2021

What’s rumbling through the streets of Wizard City? The Cyber Scooter is back, and you can take it for a spin around the Spiral! This futuristic speedster is only available until 10th December, so get it fast. And until 14th December, you can also benefit from a 45% discount on all Spellemental Packs and 30% off when purchasing Gold. This will help you get perfectly prepared for your next adventure!

Furniture and More!

Nov 30, 2021

Start December with fabulous offers: Hoard Packs are 50% off and Starter Bundles for every wizardry school are 30% off from 30/11 until 3/12. From 3/12 until 7/12 you can also save a heap of Crowns when purchasing booster packs as there’s a 40% discount. Many great furnishings will also be returning to the Crown Shop – get summer, spring, autumn or winter furniture and arrange your wizardly home to your heart’s content!

The Clothes Make the Wizard

Nov 23, 2021

What this centuries-old saying from Wizard City is trying to tell you is: if you clothes don’t make you feel like a real wizard, then it’s time for a makeover! Luckily, we have just the thing for you – from 23/11 to 26/11, all Clothing Bundles are 40% off. All elixirs are also on sale – in case you want to intensify your magical experience!