• The Creepy Clowns are on the Loose

  • Empyrea!

  • Horseback Riding

The Creepy Clowns are on the Loose

Jun 15, 2018

Boo! The Spooky Carnival Bundle lets you send shivers down the spines of your fellow wizards. Look forward to the Scarousel, the Creepy Clown Car, the Spooky Carnival Equipment, the Booloon and the Additional Castle Elixir. Get yours now and get spooking!


May 23, 2018

Hidden in the centre of Spiral, a mysterious world waits to be explored – head out on the dangerous journey to the Chaos Heart! There’s new enemies, new creatures in Monstrology and an increased gold limit (level 120). You can find level 125 items and henchmen in the Crown Shop. Let the adventure begin…

Horseback Riding

May 15, 2018

diegoNeigh! Attention all horse friends: from 15th to 22nd May 2018, our Crown Shop will be turning into a cosy stable where splendid mounts are clopping their hooves on the floor. Amongst others: the Nightflame Pegasus, Astral Unicorn, Chestnut Pony and Dream Filly are all just waiting to be taken by you – and they cost 30% less!

Fairy Week

May 1, 2018

greyroseTheir wings shimmer in enchanting colours and their magical powers are legendary: fairies! We're dedicating an entire week (1st to 8th May) to these delicate creatures. The Crown Shop will be packed full of fluttering offers from the fabulous world of fairies – come see for yourself!

Where’s there’s a myth, there is truth

Apr 10, 2018

Illusions and dreams become reality once more as the Myth School celebrates its school fête from 10th to 17th April! Browse the Crown Shop: there’s plenty of Myth goods on offer.

A Joyfully Bright April

Mar 27, 2018

Get some luxuriously decorated Easter goods from Eggbert from 27/3 to 10/4 and look forward to the three Baaterflies and the Bunny Mallow – it’s as bright as can be! Additionally, from 31/3 to 4/4, there’s once again some kooky mounts like the Slowpoke Sloth, the Rubber Ducky, Trolling Stone and Wonky the Donkey!

Enchanting offers for the Springtime Festival

Mar 13, 2018

blossomAfter the long, unpleasant winter the first signs of spring are starting to show in Wizard City: Pat O'Gold will be in the shopping district from 13th until 20th March where she will sell her exceptional Shamrock and Harp Wands.

The Beauty of Flowers

Mar 12, 2018

moolindaThe world can be a colourful place. From 12th–14th March we're celebrating the Day of Flowers! Use the code on our Facebook page and pick up some cool gardening items. So get those green fingers to work and give spring a warm welcome into your wizard homes! 

5 B.O.X.E.S.

Mar 9, 2018

Merle Ambrose

The Professor has sensed five manipulations of the flow of time and needs your help! Depending on your magic level you can jump to help in various emergencies from 6/3 to 13/3. Look forward to some exciting quests and valuable rewards waiting for you in Wizard City, Marleybone, MuHong, Zafaria and Avalon.

Ice magic!

Feb 20, 2018

The Ice School is celebrating their big school fête from 20 to 27 February – join in on the fun! You can find out all about which events we have in store for you in the Wizard101 forum.