• Strap in tight!

  • Horseback Riding

  • To Good Friends

Strap in tight!

May 17, 2018

In Wizard101 you’ll soon be able to charge into a whole new world of perilous adventure: visit Empyrea and enjoy a refreshing story with some bold new characters such as Captain Pork and Dr. Beans, who are trying to uncover one of the oldest secrets of the Spiral.

Go where no wizard has gone before!

Horseback Riding

May 15, 2018

diegoNeigh! Attention all horse friends: from 15th to 22nd May 2018, our Crown Shop will be turning into a cosy stable where splendid mounts are clopping their hooves on the floor. Amongst others: the Nightflame Pegasus, Astral Unicorn, Chestnut Pony and Dream Filly are all just waiting to be taken by you – and they cost 30% less!

Welcome back to Wizard City

Feb 16, 2018

You’ve fed the pet and have cleaned your home ready for guests. There’s no need to always play the hero, you think. But then, suddenly the lust for adventure strikes! You perfect your spells, swing up onto your noble steed and, together with your friends, you head out to take it too the thugs loitering in the Spiral. Let’s go!

To Good Friends

Feb 7, 2018

piggleValentina HeartSong has all kinds of cute pets for you from 7th to 15th February 2018. Get the Blossom Pixie, the Redcap or the Lovely Ladybug – all equally lovable! If you would like something more swashbuckling, the Bandit Bundle is already waiting for you!

Know Your Enemy!

Jan 31, 2018

Be one step in front of your enemies at all times: Train yourself in ancient Monstrology with Monstrologist Burke and learn new magic! Plus: Look forward to a refined chat system and loads of improvements to Wizard101.

Magical Holiday Season in Wizard City!

Dec 14, 2017

There’s no time for quiet reflection in Spiral – things are really kicking off this December! Look forward to the challenge within the Krampus dungeon, the new Monstrology subject, the Monstrodome, the Frenzy spells, exciting level 118 quests and much more besides! Read more about all the new changes and enhancements to your favourite game here.

Snug Autumn

Nov 21, 2017

torrenceThe shorter the days, the more cosy it’s getting in Wizard City: from the 21st to 28th November, Harvest Hannah will be in the Shopping District with a range of autumnal wands and fine attire. Additionally it will be worth your while to throw out your best Fish Catching Spells and do some magical fishing on the waters of Spiral. You’ll be sure to catch a most autumnal fish in your net!

There’s a storm brewing

Nov 7, 2017

balestromThe Storm School is celebrating their big school fête from 7th to 14th November – join in on the fun! Just in time for the fête: loads of Storm pets and numerous equipment items for the Diviners amongst you! 

Spooktacular Halloween

Oct 24, 2017

dworgynLove ghost stories, real goosebumps and want to really spook your wizard friends? Then visit Dworgyn and complete a ghoulish quest or check out Spooky Bob in the Shopping District. There’s also the Ghost Dragon, the Zombie Piggle, the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack and much more lurking in the Crown Shop!

Death suits you!

Oct 10, 2017

dworgynThe Death School is celebrating their big school fête from 10th to 17th October 2017 – join in on the fun! Reduced just in time for the fête: loads of Death pets and numerous equipment items for the necromancers amongst you!