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Time to celebrate!

Sep 11, 2018

Merle AmbroseWizard101 is celebrating its 8th birthday from 11th to 25th September. There’s some great offers in the Crown Shop in honour of the occasion: you can even get the fantastic content of the new bundle, the ‘Dragon’s Feather’!
If you are on the hunt for some adventure, help the Professor who has detected five manipulations in the flow of time. The Argleston Librarian also needs your help in the ‘Lost Pages’.
Learn more about the festivities, what events are planned and when they are taking place in the forum and on Facebook.

With Fire and Flame

Jul 31, 2018

falmeaThe Fire School is celebrating their big school fête from 31/07 to 07/08 – join in on the fun! Just in time for the fête: reductions to loads of Fire pets and numerous equipment items for the pyromancers amongst you!

Sea the deals!

Jul 17, 2018

balestromThe sharks are swimming in Wizard101 from 17th to 24th July! Cast your lines for during Shark Week you can make a very special catch: the Warhammerhead Shark is swimming in the waters of Spiral once again! Don’t forget to browse through our offers with a bite in the Crown Shop. Get on your skis and jet!

Everything in Balance

Jul 3, 2018

alhazredThe School of Balance is celebrating their big school fête from 3th July to 17th July – join in on the fun! You can find out all about which events we have in store for you in the Wizard101 forum and on Facebook.

The Lost Pages

Jun 26, 2018

gammaThe Librarian Harold Argleston needs your help: a group of young students has just gotten their hands on an extremely dangerous book. Now dark magic has hexed all six of them. Find the students and free them from the bindings of the Book of Lost Pages! Every young wizard that has not yet completed this quest (yet has completed 'Unicorn's Folly') can now start it in Wizard City's Library. Have fun!

It’s a magical life!

Jun 5, 2018

moolindaThe Life School is celebrating their big school fête from the 5th to the 12th June 2018 – join in on the fun! Perfectly timed for the festival, we’ve got plenty of Life pets as well as cards and furniture sets in the Crown Shop.


May 23, 2018

Hidden in the centre of Spiral, a mysterious world waits to be explored – head out on the dangerous journey to the Chaos Heart! There’s new enemies, new creatures in Monstrology and an increased gold limit (level 120). You can find level 125 items and henchmen in the Crown Shop. Let the adventure begin…

Horseback Riding

May 15, 2018

diegoNeigh! Attention all horse friends: from 15th to 22nd May 2018, our Crown Shop will be turning into a cosy stable where splendid mounts are clopping their hooves on the floor. Amongst others: the Nightflame Pegasus, Astral Unicorn, Chestnut Pony and Dream Filly are all just waiting to be taken by you – and they cost 30% less!

Fairy Week

May 1, 2018

greyroseTheir wings shimmer in enchanting colours and their magical powers are legendary: fairies! We're dedicating an entire week (1st to 8th May) to these delicate creatures. The Crown Shop will be packed full of fluttering offers from the fabulous world of fairies – come see for yourself!

Where’s there’s a myth, there is truth

Apr 10, 2018

Illusions and dreams become reality once more as the Myth School celebrates its school fête from 10th to 17th April! Browse the Crown Shop: there’s plenty of Myth goods on offer.