Happy Hour at Wizard101

Jul 17, 2019

piggleGet Crowns on the 18/07/2019 between 0 AM and 12 AM (midnight) and grab an enchanting 25% more! That will certainly help you to shop to your heart’s desire. This offer is also valid for Paysafecards, which you can buy in the high street. Watch out for the happy hour banner in the Crown purchase window! You only get the bonus when the banner is displayed!

Everything in Balance

Jul 16, 2019

alhazredThe School of Balance is celebrating their big school fête from 16th July to 23rd July – join in on the fun! You can find out all about which events we have in store for you in the Wizard101 forum and on Facebook.

It’s a magical life!

Jun 25, 2019

moolindaThe Life School is celebrating their big school fête from the 25th June to the 2nd July – join in on the fun! Perfectly timed for the festival, we’ve got plenty of Life pets as well as cards and furniture sets in the Crown Shop.

Horseback Riding

Jun 11, 2019

diegoNeigh! Attention all horse friends: from 11th to 18th June, our Crown Shop will be turning into a cosy stable where splendid mounts are clopping their hooves on the floor. Amongst others: the Nightflame Pegasus, Astral Unicorn, Chestnut Pony and Dream Filly are all just waiting to be taken by you – and they cost 20% less!

Fairy Week

Jun 4, 2019

greyroseTheir wings shimmer in enchanting colours and their magical powers are legendary: fairies! We’re dedicating an entire week (4th to 11th June) to these delicate creatures. The Crown Shop will be packed full of fluttering offers from the fabulous world of fairies – come see for yourself!

Where’s there’s a myth, there is truth

May 14, 2019

Illusions and dreams become reality once more as the Myth School celebrates its school fête from 14th to 21th May! Browse the Crown Shop: there’s plenty of Myth goods on offer.

Easter in the Spiral

Apr 16, 2019

moolindaEggbert, our Easter vendor, looks forward to greeting you from 16th to 23rd April in the Shopping District of Wizard City! Check out the festive wands that he has on offer especially for the occasion: adorned with bunny ears, Easter eggs and cute chicks. In addition he is also offering hopping mounts such as the Caerbannog Rabbit or the Prismatic Hare. Hop on by!

There’s got to be some fun!

Mar 29, 2019

April is awash with the colours of fun in Wizard City: look forward to the brand new Maximum Horsepower mount as well as other wacky items like the Slowpoke Sloth, the Rubber Ducky, the Trolling Stone and Wonky the Donkey! Available from 29th March to 7th April.

Enchanting offers for the Springtime Festival

Mar 12, 2019

blossomAfter the long, unpleasant winter the first signs of spring are starting to show in Wizard City: Pat O’Gold will be in the shopping district from 12th until 19th March where she will sell her exceptional Shamrock and Harp Wands.

Ice magic!

Feb 26, 2019

The Ice School is celebrating their big school fête from 26/02 to 05/03 – join in on the fun! You can find out all about which events we have in store for you in the Wizard101 forum.